Champion through Story

It drives the imagination and its been man-kind’s strongest way to communicate. We pass stories down through the generations because of its effectiveness in conveying an idea; a passion, warnings. You have a story that needs to be shared with your clients. We can help.

  • Third Valve was professional, courteous, and responsive to my needs. I appreciate the eye for detail and help through the process of putting up a website. I would recommend Third Valve to anyone looking for a great product at an affordable price, especially if you are looking for a personal touch with a professional look!

  • Third Valve did a great job designing a welcome video for our church website. He was fun and engaging to work with and the end result was a quality product that I believe will draw people to our church. They also helped us set up a video ministry so that we can record our sermons and post them online. If you are looking to expand your ministry or business through media, Third Valve is a great choice.

  • “I worked with Andrew on a short film for the BBC World Service, which was a relatively big project. Andrew has been very professional and able to handle so many tasks at once. He handled two cameras and three different sources of sound during the shoot. He is very helpful and makes sure he gets the job done by taking the extra mile if needed. He is open to suggestions and makes sure to receive feedback as he is doing the work.”